Updated 3/8

Collaboration and Partnership Opportunities

Perhaps more than in any other form of Christian missions the global diaspora provides evidence that we are better together. Because an agency’s targeted people group can be spread throughout the globe, no one ministry can hope to be in every place at once.

We need each other for mapping, engagement, help with returnees, fruitful practices, collaborating with Majority World Christians and churches for ministry in diaspora locations, etc… We need to find pathways for local churches to work with our agencies to reach immigrants around them and be a resource to workers in the global diaspora. We need to be in the many mission networks that facilitate different aspects off reaching the world of migration.

The NextMove Collaboration and Partnership Team seeks to create proven pathways for collaboration and partnerships between agencies and networks, and with local churches to increase our scope and effectiveness in diaspora missions. Most of these connections will arise within relational networks and NextMove will serve as a connection hub to establish and maintain this personal interaction for ministry initiatives.

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