Returnee Issues

The NextMove Returnees Team seeks to discover how to substantially increase the percentage of returnees who remain in the faith.


Research and Education

The NextMove Research and Education Team seeks to provide mission agencies with the best resources to create diaspora missions competency within the organization.


Collaboration and Partnership Opportunities

The NextMove Collaboration and Partnership Team seeks to create proven pathways for collaboration and partnerships between agencies and networks, and with local churches to increase our scope and effectiveness in diaspora missions. 


Mapping and Tracking the Diaspora

The NextMove Mapping / Tracking Team seeks to discover the best information and mapping tools to help agencies understand migration patterns in specific ministry locations.


Communicating and Casting Vision for Diaspora Missions

Helping agencies integrate diaspora missions into the core is NextMove’s purpose. To do so requires that we communicate an accurate understanding of the nature and value of diaspora missions to mission agencies.


Mobilizing and Funding Diaspora Workers

NextMove seeks to learn of fruitful practices and new paradigms for mobilization and funding that can release both informal and formal diaspora missionaries into the harvest field. 


Agency Organizational Structure Issues

The reality of global migration has created the need for new structures and responsiveness within mission agencies.  The NextMove Agency Organizational Structures Team desires to provide a thorough understanding of potential structural models as well as resources and consultants to help agency leaders implement change.


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Thank you. We will get back to you in 48 hours.