What is NextMove?

NextMove is a ministry sponsored by Frontier Ventures (formerly known as the US Center for World Mission) and Converge Worldwide. Our single focus is to help mission sending agencies effectively engage in diaspora missions, both globally and in North America. 

Watch this overview video from John Baxter explaining NextMove.


How Does NextMove Work?

Diaspora missions is an emerging missions strategy. NextMove operates as a collaborative venture in which participating agencies work together to identify and address common challenges to effective engagement. Representatives from participating agencies work in teams on high priority issues, and gather annually to jointly review and publish their findings.

NextMove hosts an online presence for diaspora ministry resources and the dissemination of research findings.  




We are a coalition of mission agency workers and researchers uniting to help mission agencies with diaspora missions. Through our combined effort we accelerate the removal of roadblocks that keep mission agencies from engaging with the diaspora



Diaspora missions is largely uncharted waters but we are changing that. We facilitate academics, informed practitioners,

 and to others to research mission agency r

oadblocks in diaspora missions, discovering solutions and improving old ones


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Hidden light is wasted, as is knowledge not disseminated. We publish our research findings in journals, books, and at mission gatherings to help every mission agency engage within diaspora missions


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The application of NextMove’s research is insight and counsel for mission agencies and denominations as they make the necessary changes to engage with the global diaspora. We provide counsel to missions leaders as they  navigate the challenges inherent in diaspora 


Interns Wanted

Students, interested in interning with us? Email Jeff at [email protected]

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Recent research topics

Returnee Issues

The NextMove Returnees Team seeks to discover how to substantially increase the percentage of returnees who remain in the faith.


Research and Education

The NextMove Research and Education Team seeks to provide mission agencies with the best resources to create diaspora missions competency within the organization.


Collaboration and Partnership Opportunities

The NextMove Collaboration and Partnership Team seeks to create proven pathways for collaboration and partnerships between agencies and networks, and with local churches to increase our scope and effectiveness in diaspora missions. 


NextMove invites your participation

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Become part of the NextMove family and join the global conversation as we share information and resources. Explore possible agency involvement in NextMove.

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Research with us

You can become a NextMove Researcher, assisting the ministry by conducting research and providing expertise in a diaspora mission topic area of your interest.

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Get advice

If you just want advice on how your mission agency can engage with diaspora missions, we do that too. Contact us below and we will do our best to answer your questions.

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